Recycled / Reprocessed PP-MFI(POLYPROPYLENE- MFI) Granules

Our PP-MFI Increaser Additive is to be used only for PP based material ( Homo PP, BOPP, Rafia, PPCP, Randon PP, Battery scrap PP ) to increase MFI from 10 to 40+ / 50+ ( In South Africa one our client have achieved MFI 61+)in Recycled PP and Virgin PP. Mostly used in Recycle / Virgin Polypropylene in Compounding, Moulding, Extrusion process etc. By using this additive, Output of final product may increase from 10 – 20 , and saving Electricity on continue process, and Useful to balance the MFI of different grades of PP waste /Recycled PP / Virgin PP without any changes of it's Specification parameters & Mechanical Strength properties too. This additives is being used by Recyclers of Raffia, Battery Scrap, HouseHold molded items, Chair manufacturers, PP- Compounding, and many more to increase MFI.